First orgasms are experienced in a wide variety of ways. My first orgasm myths abound that deal with only anecdotal issues rather than only involving facts. One of the major differences in the first orgasm experience involve the gender of the person. It is a proven fact that men and women have different experiences of an orgasm. There are a number of my first orgasm myths that exist prior to having the first orgasm. As a person enters puberty, orgasms and sexual activity are much more common and the majority of people experience their orgasm during this time.

A boy first orgasm will generally happen sometime between the ages of seven and fifteen. In the earlier ages, a first orgasm will typically occur from stimulation that is unintentional or of a sexual nature. A boy will find that a certain movement provides pleasure and will continue the movement until the point of orgasm is reached. For many younger boys, this can be quite a surprise if they are unfamiliar with the function of their sex organs. Those that have their first orgasm during or after puberty will often have more information about the function of sex organs, leading to a better understanding of the orgasm. At these ages, the boy first orgasm commonly happens as a result of masturbation. With the extra testosterone that is present in the body of a boy, sexual feelings are increased and erections are more common, leading to an increase in masturbation. At the point of orgasm, hormones are released into the bloodstream that cause a feeling of sedation. These hormones are also responsible for giving a refractory effect which releases the pressure of the erection.

For women, the experience of a first orgasm can be quite different. The age of the first orgasm tends to be later than that of boys, with some women never experiencing an orgasm until later years. Masturbation is not as prevalent in women, which means that self-stimulated orgasms are less frequent. For this reason, the beginning of orgasms for women will usually coincide with the beginning of sexual activity. During early sexual experimentation, many women experience their first orgasm from oral sex, or cunnilingus. In this process the clitoris is stimulated from movements by the partner’s tongue, lips, and mouth. One of the main differences between male and female orgasms is that women do not experience the same refractory period as men. In this manner, women are capable of having multiple orgasms while for men it is much more difficult.

There is some controversy over the types of orgasms that a women can have. While it is understood that direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris can result in an orgasm, some women claim that they also have orgasms from vaginal or anal sex. There is some validity to the idea of having orgasms from vaginal intercourse as recent studies have shown that the clitoris does have some interior contact with the vaginal wall. Both boy and girl first orgasms are routinely the awakening of sexual feelings in the person.

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