Discover the truth behind big orgasm myths for men and women. The elusive big “O” has kept many men and women wondering whether this experience is real. The big orgasms are real and they are achievable in both men and women. Keep reading to learn the difference between the myths and the facts about achieving the big orgasms.

One of the major myths concerning orgasms is that all women want a G-spot orgasm. While some women do prefer this type of stimulation leading to climax, many women experience an uncomfortable sensation rather than pleasure during G-spot stimulation. For some women, this can actually be a major turn-off. Every woman is different; therefore, it is important to experiment with various forms of stimulation while asking your partner, “Does this turn you on?” “Do you like it when I do this?” “How does it feel when I do this? “to determine their sexual preferences.

Many men are under the false impression that a woman needs a partner who is skilled in the bedroom, in order to orgasm. A skilled lover is definitely appreciated; however, the responsibility for a woman’s orgasm belongs to the woman. If a woman is having trouble reaching orgasm, she can blame no one, but herself. Several women experience performance anxiety and this prevents the woman from reaching climax. It may be difficult for some women to achieve a vaginal orgasm; however, there are other parts of the body that allow women to achieve orgasm, including clitoral stimulation. Some women are even able to reach climax by having her breasts touched or stimulated.

Another common myth of the big female orgasm is that women need to experience an orgasm in order to enjoy themselves. This is completely untrue. With the right type of intimacy, sex can be incredibly satisfying whether the woman reaches climax or not. Surprisingly, many women prefer foreplay to actually having sex and orgasm. Many women receive a more gratifying experience when their partner is displaying affection such as, kissing and caressing rather than when they are playing the role of porn star. For the majority of women, if you combine affectionate touching with slow and passionate penetration, she will be completely satisfied.

While some women may be able to achieve big female orgasm or experience multiple orgasms, this experience in men is rare and may actually be a myth because this case is difficult to prove. While men may experience sensations (before or after climax) that may be similar to multiple orgasms, it simply hasn’t been proven or recorded that men are able to reach multiple orgasmic ecstasy as some women are able to do. For men, ejaculation and orgasm are one in the same and while many men can ejaculate several times in a row (minutes apart), the idea of multiple orgasms in men is not conceivable.

We hope that we have helped to debunk some of the common big orgasm myths so you are able to stop wondering and start giving and receiving pleasure with your lucky partner.

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